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This time of year is understandably a lot of people’s favorite. However, it’s also understandably a lot of people’s least favorite. Why? Because for some homeowners, it means hours spent outside with a rake in hand, fighting a seemingly endless battle against the leaves. If you’re in the second group of people, what can you do to make this battle a little easier?

Consider an upgrade to your arsenal! A lot of people have found a lot of success in using bagging attachments on their lawnmower. This basically turns it into a vacuum cleaner for your lawn, and makes collecting the leaves for disposal through a trash service a lot easier. Alternatively, you could try using a mulching lawnmower to chop the leaves into tiny bits, which can actually be beneficial for your lawn. As one last option, you might try raking less often. While it’s true that having a lot of leaves on your lawn can be damaging to the grass, a moderate amount of leaf cover may not be death-dealing.

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