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Have you ever heard of Low-E windows? “Low-E” stands for Low Emissivity. They’re a certain type of window that includes a protective layer or two that reduces the amount of energy that is emitted through the glass. This layer can help to block infrared or UV light, which can help keep temperatures on either side of the glass where they belong.

Naturally, this means that you could save a considerable amount of money due to reduced energy waste. Some people are worried that extra coatings will reduce the visibility through the glass, perhaps having a mental image of deeply tinted car windows. However, Low-E windows still provide a lot of visibility. There are several different coatings available for Low-E windows, so if you’re looking into the possibility of upgrading your home or business to this type of window, be sure to consult a professional, and do some research as to which coatings are the best for you based on your location and sun exposure.

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