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In the colder months, a lot of people tend to gravitate more toward heavier comfort foods, with a lot of fat or grease. We’re not going to speculate on why that is, but it’s probably a similar reason to why bears hibernate in the winter. In any case, we’re not here to talk to you about eating habits or bear hibernation. We are here to give you tips about how to keep your property in good shape. 

Circling back to the fatty foods subject – there’s an important rule that must always be followed when dealing with fat and grease. Never, ever, ever pour it down a drain or otherwise let it get into your plumbing system. The main reason for this is that as fat cools down, it turns into a solid mass that collects other debris passing by it. Of course, you can guess what this would mean for your pipes. So, be sure to wait until the fat or grease solidifies naturally in the air, then throw it away in your garbage.

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